Our parent company, Gardner Denver, greatly emphasizes the importance of finding the best people for the job in a culture that allows them to make the most of their skills, personality and career.  More than 6,000  employees in over 50 countries constitute an exciting diversity of languages and cultural backgrounds, making work in a global environment truly rewarding and mind-opening. 

We are passionate about doing our job as well as we possibly can, delivering exceptional performance to satisfy our business partners and shareholders. Our workforce needs to be flexible, agile and dynamic. Gardner Denver encourages life-long learning as this is a key factor in growing our business and being able to follow a world that is changing ever faster.

The work environment we’re fostering is one where everyone, no matter where he or she stands in the organisation, has an opportunity to participate in achieving success. We value our employees for the individual skills and experiences they bring to the workplace.  

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Unsolicited Application – Important Information

We welcome all unsolicited applications. We do request that you observe a few relevant items when submitting your application. This will allow us to evaluate your application more effectively and reply more quickly.

  • Please only send your application via e-mail to and label it as an unsolicited application.
  • Please briefly indicate in your email that you agree to our storage of your documents (addition to applicant pool).
  • Please attach all relevant documents as a PDF file (preferably all the same size) and do not send image or Word files.
  • Please include your cover letter in the PDF file and not in the e-mail text.
  • Please always include a complete CV in tabular form.
  • Please only include your most recent academic and professional references and certificates.

Here are a few more tips for submitting a successful application:

  • Please submit a strong, original, honest and succinct cover letter.
  • Please indicate which position/job you are applying for.
  • Please tell us why you are applying.
  • Please share your salary expectations.

Thank you.

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About Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle is part of Gardner Denver, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered products. Gardner Denver is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and has facilities in more than 30 countries.

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